Electrical Repairs You Might Need When Your Stove Keeps Tripping A Breaker

If you begin to fix lunch and the stove doesn't have power, the first step is to check the electrical panel. If the circuit is in the off position, you can flip it back on to see what happens. If it flips back off, then you know there's a problem somewhere that needs to be fixed, and you may need to hire an electrician. Here are some things that could be wrong if your stove's circuit breaker keeps tripping.

The Stove Has A Short In It

The problem could be with the stove itself, and in that case, you might need a stove repair technician. However, you'll have to determine if the stove is at fault first. You can turn the stove off and then flip the breaker back on. If the breaker doesn't flip off until the stove is turned on, then the stove might be to blame. However, you may still want to keep the breaker off until a professional can check the stove and wiring and make repairs. Using a stove that has a short in it could be dangerous, so you should get professional help. Remember that the circuit breaker flips off to protect you and prevent a fire when there's a short in an appliance or the wiring, so you don't want to keep flipping the breaker back on when it won't stay on.

The Wiring Has A Short In It

If the circuit breaker flips off as soon as you turn it back on, then you'll want to leave it alone and call an electrician to make electrical repairs. The short could be in the outlet, wiring, or electrical panel. Turning the breaker back on could cause sparks or flames that can damage the panel or cause a fire. This type of problem needs the help of an electrician rather than an appliance repair person if the problem is not with the stove. The first thing the electrician has to do is track down the cause of the short. The breaker might need to be replaced or you might need a new outlet for the stove. The electrician might need to make repairs to the wiring if the short is caused by damaged insulation that covers the wires.

If you've had a problem with mice in the past, they could've gnawed on the insulation and done enough damage that the wiring shorts out when the wires touch. Whatever caused the short, an electrical repair service can find and repair it and also check that any other damage caused by the problem is repaired if needed.

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