Planning Home Office Electrical Upgrades

Changing to a work from home lifestyle takes more than just a laptop if you plan on getting serious. Productivity, safety, and confidentiality is an important part of many businesses, and as a telecommuting worker, you run the risk of being exposed as a problem if your home office isn't in good shape. Here are a few electrical concerns and placement tips to make your home office more professional and reliable.

Inspect For Wiring Failure

If you haven't checked your home's wiring in a decade, or if you're not the original owner, make sure that the wiring is up to par. Even if you're renting, you can use this advice and some pressure to make sure the inspection happens.

Years of potential surges from the power company, electrical storms, or even pest infestation such as rats nibbling on the electrical layout can lead to wiring damage. Some you may have seen happen, such as losing power during a storm, while others could have happened while you were asleep, gone, or while everything was off.

An incorrect assumption is to think that since the lights, fridge, and computer are working, nothing is wrong. Unfortunately, even broken wires can transfer wires if the frayed metal strands are still touching in some way. Over time, these frayed contacts can burn away or pull apart due to thermal contraction (negative thermal expansion, or wires shrinking because of cooling), which either causes a complete loss of power or constant and unplanned blinking of power.

An electrician can find these problems and correct them either in small areas or with a full overhaul. Be sure to ask for high definition, close up pictures of the damage to make sure that you're getting a valid replacement and not an overpriced, unnecessary overhaul.

If you're renting, you still have a right to quality electricity. An electrician can perform the inspection without making any major changes, and you can send the results to your landlord or building management. If you don't get a promise of repairs within a month or so, contact your area's health department via email and/or recorded phone conversation with an official, documented complaint.

Placing Better Outlets And Accessories

When your electrical system passes an inspection, you can begin bringing in your necessary office equipment. Even as a worker who only "needs" a basic laptop, there improvements that an electrician can help with.

Quality work happens when you're comfortable and able to commit to continuous workload. Even if you're moving around a lot, a good office chair and office-empowered desk can work wonders. Either place a desktop at the desk, or use a laptop charging deck to give yourself a full keyboard that you can use without hunching over the laptop.

An electrician can help by raising electrical outlets to areas that reduce cable clutter. There are also ideal places in the room for a desk to get the most out of sunlight without being blinded by glare, or other sweet spots that you may have noticed. Avoid extension cords and long, stretched cables by getting new outlets added.

Speak with a residential electrician to discuss electrical inspections and other upgrades that can help a home office. Contact a company like Advantage Electric to learn more.

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