3 Signs That You Are Have Electrical Wiring Problems In Your Home

Electrical wiring problems can be dangerous in your home, as they can start an electrical fire. To keep you and your family safe, below are three signs that you need to watch out for.

Lights Flickering

If you have several lights flickering in your home, it could be caused by one of your large appliances, such as your HVAC system. This is because when a high demand appliance like this turns on, the amount of power it uses can put a massive drain on the amount of electricity your home has available.

An electrician can check the HVAC system to make sure the fusing and wire size are correct. They will also make sure all connections are secure. If everything checks out, the electrician may suggest you install a soft start kit on your unit. This kit slows down the current when your unit is turned on.

If you are still having problems with multiple lights flickering, then it is likely an electrical wiring problem somewhere in your home.

Burning Plastic Smell

If you smell burning plastic in your home, it is very hard to determine where this smell is coming from. Even if the smell is only slight, it can still be caused by your electrical wiring. You may have smoldering electric wiring in your attic. You may have rats or mice in your attic that have chewed on the wiring. It may be a problem with the wires in one of your outlets. Walk around your home and smell every outlet that you have. You should also smell each appliance that you have where the power cord is plugged in.

Circuit Breaker Trips a Lot

A circuit breaker will turn off automatically if it becomes overloaded. In some cases, this will happen if you have a lot of high-amp devices plugged in and this is normal. If it happens frequently, however, there is likely a wiring problem in the breaker panel.  The problem could be due to a short circuit, which is very dangerous. This can happen if a black wire, also known as the hot wire, touches a neutral wire or another hot wire in one of your outlets.

Do not turn the breaker back on after it trips until you figure out where the problem is coming from.

If you are having any of the above problems, call an electrician immediately to repair them. For an electrician, contact a company such as D & D Electric Enterprises, Inc.

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