Pros And Cons Of Track Lighting

Track lighting is a convenient way to light up your walls in any space you desire. As with any lighting choice, it comes with advantages and disadvantages. It will depend on many elements of your home and what are you are trying to highlight with the system. You can direct the light on furniture, artwork, or any other collectible. You may decide you want to remodel and do it yourself. Here are a few suggestions before you begin the project so the decision process will be simpler.


The unit is easy to install, and will require only basic knowledge of electrical wiring systems. Depending on where you are located, the fees can range from $50 to $100 per hour if you need to hire a professional to do lighting work.

Highlighting a specific article or area makes track lighting a good choice. It is excellent for living rooms and kitchen areas. You can pinpoint the directional light easily and use only the amount of lights you want on the track.

You can move the light source if you are not satisfied with the focus placed on any particular item.

Modern designs with varied fixture styles and tracks provide a contemporary décor. Many choices include curves or loops, and even 'zig-zag' patterns.

Newer models take up much less room than other light sources available. Technology has improved from earlier models that were much bulkier.

Especially in older homes where not many light sources are available or with only a few light sockets on the wall, track lights are easily placed without the bulkiness of dangling cords.


Because of the track length and unique designs, the fixture may cost more than ones that are directly wired into the electrical box.

The bulbs may not give the ambiance desired for an entire room. You can't choose to turn only one bulb on or off. You also don't have the benefit of having varied levels of brightness or dimming features.

For smaller spaces, such as bathrooms, it is not recommended for the main light source.

The ceiling can become too cluttered-looking with many of the designs offered.

Track lighting has so much more to offer with the many unique styles and combinations readily available in today's market. You can place a special light source anywhere you want a special object highlighted. Since it is so easy to assemble, the do-it-yourself feature can save a lot of money. However, contact an electrician, such as one from B Electric Inc, for more information or assistance.

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