Household Electricity Suckers: A Closer Look At The Major Culprits

You may think that you already know where the majority of the energy in your house goes, but you may be a little surprised to learn that sometimes, the things you think are the biggest energy consumers in the house are actually not that big of a deal. If you need to get a handle on how much those electric bills are every month, it is a good idea to get to know some of the lesser known energy suckers in the house. Here are a few big energy consumers that you should get quite familiar with when you are trying to cut power usage at home.

Washing Machine

Most people assume that it is their clothes dryer that sucks the most energy in the laundry room. However, you may be a little surprised to learn that your washer could be costing you more. While your clothes dryer will cost you only .44 cents for a heavy load, you can spend as much as .69 cents per wash load if you wash your laundry in hot water with a warm water rinse. When you can, wash with warm water and a cold rinse, which will bring the cost down to about .25 per load.

Game Consoles

Playing your Xbox or PlayStation occasionally will not add a lot of heft to your power bill, but running these devices continuously definitely will. For example, an Xbox 360 Elite could run your power bill up by $15.45 per month if it stayed on all day, every day and a 1st or 2nd generation PlayStation could be even worse, at $31.74 a month, according to Runestone Electric Association. Make sure you keep these gaming consoles off when they are not in use and instruct your children to do the same.


You may not like the idea of doing dishes by hand, but the fact is doing so could save you money on your power bill each month. The average dishwasher will use 54 kWh for 30 hours of use, which basically boils down to about one load of dishes a day for a month. If you don't have time to do dishes by hand, at least make sure you are waiting until you have a full load of dishes before you wash them to cut down on the number of wash cycles. Washing several small loads throughout the day will definitely add up.

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