Keeping Your Pet Away From Electrical Cords

Did you know that if your pet suffers an electrical shock, you may not know the extent of the injuries for several days afterwards? This is why you need to keep your pets away from exposed electrical wiring that may shock them. When it comes to electrical cables, here are some of the preventive measures to take:

Teach the Pets

Most pets, such as dogs and cats, are playful by nature; they will find your electrical extension cord irresistible. Your dog may decide to chew or tug on the cables. Unfortunately, their claws and teeth can puncture the insulation and expose the live wires, which may shock the animals. Therefore, teach your pets to stay away from the electrical cords. Providing your pets with alternative playthings, such as chew toys, will also help keep them away from the cords.

Hide the Cables

In addition to teaching your pets, hiding the electrical cords also helps. An electrician can wire your cables behind walls so your pets cannot reach them. Another innovative way of keeping cables out of sight is to pass them through cardboard boxes with cutout canals on the sides. Such a box would be less interesting and less of a threat to your pets than the actual cables. You can also use a PVC pipe (pass electrical wires through the pipe) to keep them out of your pet's reach.

Use Cord Covers

Despite your best efforts, you may not succeed in hiding all of your electrical cables. For such cables, use cable covers to protect the wires from the pets' reaches. Cable covers are made from insulating materials, such as plastic, fabric or rubber. Just like their names suggest, the materials cover the cords to keep them out of reach of pets and human beings. You have probably seen commercial cable covers in warehouses or roadways; the residential varieties are light-duty versions of such covers.

Use Ultra-flat Cables

Electrical cords don't have to be big and round; there are flat cables that are easier to hide than the conventional round ones. Some of these ultra-flat cables come with adhesive backing, which allows you to lay them flat against suitable backgrounds such as floors and walls. You can then paint over the cables with the same color used on the background, so they won't stand out for your pets.

In case your pets get injured by electricity, your first thought will be to have them treated by the vet. That is all very good, but don't forget to call an electrical contractor, such as A-Phase Electric, to diagnose and rectify the fault too. That way you will prevent re-occurrences of the accident.

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