Hire An Electrician For These Energy-Saving Jobs

When you're brainstorming methods of lowering your household electricity bills, you often think about taking steps such as turning off lights, lowering the temperature of the air conditioning and installing thermal curtains to prevent the sunlight from heating your home in the summer. While these ideas can all be effective, it's also beneficial to think about how some specific installation jobs performed by your local electrician can be beneficial. While there's an up-front cost to getting these tasks done, you have the potential to save money in the long run by having an electrician do this work for you. Here are some ideas to consider.

Replacing On/Off Switches With Dimmer Switches

Swapping some of the on/off switches in your home for dimmer switches allow you to manually adjust the exact amount of light that you wish to use. This can be beneficial in a couple regards. When you turn the lights down low, you're not drawing as much current. This can help to reduce your household's electrical usage. The other benefit of making this change is that you'll be able to prevent bright lights from excessively heating your home in the summer. When you use bright lights for prolonged periods of time, your air conditioner will often have to run extra to lower the temperature.

Installing A Ceiling Fan

Running an air conditioner keeps you comfortable in the hot months of summer, but there's a significant electrical expense to doing so. While you might think about turning the A/C off on cooler nights, the lack of a breeze might make your home sticky. Talk to a local electrician about installing ceiling fans in your bedroom and in other rooms on the upper floor of the home. This floor gathers the heat from throughout the house, and ceiling fans can dissipate the heat through open windows and keep you comfortable -- with less electricity usage than the air conditioner.

Upgrade Your Lighting Fixtures

Fluorescent lights draw less power than traditional incandescent bulbs, which means that you'll save money through the use of the former type of light. In many cases, however, some of the light fixtures throughout your home won't be suitable for handling fluorescent lights. You can have your electrician upgrade the fixtures so that they'll be able to accept these energy-efficient bulbs and help you keep your home's energy usage under control -- and give you a reason to smile when the bill arrives.

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