About Electrical Arcing & How An Electrician Can Fix The Problem

Have you noticed that your electrical cords are getting excessively hot when plugged into an outlet? You may have a serious problem with electrical arcing, which requires a prompt repair to prevent your house from catching on fire. Find out below about electrical arcing, as well as how the problem can be repaired by an electrician.

How Does Arcing Occur in a Home?

An electrical arc occurs when electricity is not flowing smoothly through wires. Basically, the electricity jumps the gaps that are between a set of conductors. It is not good for electricity to jump gaps because it causes the wires to overheat. When the wires get too hot, it leads to your electrical cords getting hot as well. Arcing is a serious problem that can spark up a fire if you continue using outlets without a repair being made.

It is possible that electrical arcing is happening because your outlets are not wired to handle the power demands of your house. There are some outlets that have small wires and can easily lead to arcing when high voltage electronics are plugged up. The problem can also stem from having frayed wires in the outlets that are in need of a repair.

How Can an Electrician Repair an Arcing Problem?

An electrician will first find out how many electrical volts are flowing through the outlets, which is done with a multimeter. He or she will also remove the outlet covers to examine what the wires look like in the wall. If the wires are still in good shape, it is not likely that the arcing is due to bad outlets.

The electrician may have to install extra circuit breakers in your home to handle the power demands. A sub-panel can be added alongside the original panel, and it will be wired based on which rooms in your house are in need of more voltage to stop arcing from happening.

What is the Estimated Price of an Electrical Sub-Panel?

You are likely to spend at least $500 or more for an electrician to install a sub-panel in your home. The overall price of the sub-panel will depend on how many circuit breakers are being installed. The complexity of the job will also play a role in the price. Get in touch with an electrician as soon as possible so that he or she can make the necessary repairs to stop any arcing in your home as soon as possible. One company that may be able to help you with this is Conway Electric.

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